Post 1 Part 1 – First week of class

With the conclusion of this week’s classes I cannot honestly say that my perspective on food has changed that much, however I’m welcoming any potential change with open arms. In the fall of my freshman year I, along with the rest of the 2014 class, had to read a book put together by Susquehanna University’s staff and students about sustainability. The book had some articles on food production and farming. After reading that book I not only felt that I should recycle, but felt a responsibility to buy from local farmers and learn about where my food came from. However, it’s been about a year and I have yet to start doing that. The problem is that the convenience of the supermarket hours and variety of products keeps me from making any kind of change. Also, I have yet to pick up on any of my body’s cries for help from marinating in preservatives, pesticides, and other chemicals used in the production and preserving of food.
Learning about the over production of corn in class this past week reminded me of the commercials that have been on TV lately where the actors claim that “You’re body doesn’t know the difference between cane and corn sugar!” The commercial ignores that sugar of any kind is not healthy and suggests that since the syrup is made from corn it is natural. This commercial never sold me on the idea because I know that high fructose corn syrup is in everything and if this magical substance was so natural wouldn’t our society’s waist lines be going in a different direction? Thanks to this week’s readings I now know the long path that the corn goes through, which is not very natural. So today while eating a granola bar for lunch I decided to peek at the ingredients just to see if I could find some variation of corn since we’ve been talking about it. There in the list was sugar and corn syrup. Both. I wish that I was kidding. Now that’s why these Fiber One bars taste so good! I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials as well..


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