Post 1 Part 2 – Wait, cookies aren’t a part of a balanced breakfast?

As I read through the different blog posts I couldn’t help but smile when I read Mark Bittman’s post called On Cookies for Breakfast. In this article Bittman lists the limited cereal and egg options that his mother gave him for a healthy breakfast as a child. He was not fond of these so he normally did not eat them. However, Bittman explains that when his parents would be on vacation and his grandmother would be the one providing breakfast. Bittman loved that his grandmother was not concerned with what he was eating, just that he ate a lot of it. So as a young kid he chose cookies and milk. His mother did not like this, but ended up losing the battle with her son and left him eat the cookies.
One thing that confused me about this article is if Bittman’s mother was so concerned about nutrition why was she feeding him Frosted Flakes? I imagine the differences exist because Bittman’s mom was feeding her children in the best nutritional way that she knew. Bittman grew up in the 50s and 60s so I am assuming there was not an obesity problem yet. Bittman’s grandmother was probably around during the depression and focused on quantity, not quality because she knew what it was like to not have food. Maybe I am reading too far into this, but that is just my take on it.
This article opened my eyes to how my family and I treat my young nephews. We love pleasing Brayden, two and a half years old, and Calob, eleven months, so if a bite size Oreo or Teddy Gram cookie makes them smile then have all you want. You’d think after lecturing my family that it’s their fault I’m not 100 pounds and love junk food that I would be passing out carrots.
I liked this article because it reminded me of my great-grandparents who would always allow me to eat what I wanted and turn away the rest.  It is only recently that my great-grandmother has started to watch what she eats, but my great-grandfather probably still tastes the raw meatloaf to make sure he has seasoned it right.


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