Post 2 – Post 1 – Second week of classes

This weeks classes has taught me a lot about the production that goes into meat products. I never thought that the meat that I was consuming came from a cow that lived a long, healthy life and volunteered its life so that I and the rest of the world could have a good meal; but I never realized how much of the mistreatment is due to laziness and greed. The normal diet has been replaced with corn, fat, and just about everything except grass. This newly constructed diet assures that the cow and other animals grow quickly and uses over produced corn. The faster the cow grows, the sooner it can be slaughtered and replaced. My standard for what food I put into my body is still underconstruction so I can’t really say how that has been affected. What bothers me the most is how these animals are treated. I’m not suggesting that we stop eating meat all together, just treat them better. I don’t like to complain about something unless I have a suggestion, so that is one of my goals for this class.
It is easy to say that we should makeover our current methods to a heathy, more animal friendly process.(As friendly as it gets since we are killing them in the end.) However that would cost the producers and farmers more money. This increase will cause food prices to be higher for consumers. For example, I glanced at the egg selection at Weis today. A dozen of eggs from a caged chicken was $1.79 while cage free eggs were $3.39. For someone like me who doesn’t buy eggs often that isn’t too bad, but some families can use more than a dozen in a week. So making that small change will cost you a $1.60. I did not stop by the meat department so I can’t offer a price comparrison there, but I can imagine that switch to grass fed, friendly treated animal meat will be a similar price spike. I think I will continue comparing prices.


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