Post 3 – Part 1 Third Week of Classes

This week has taught me a lot about the laborers on farms. I was aware of the minimal pay and poor living conditions of the workers, but I was not aware of the abuse. I imagine slavery as a big issue of our past,but not the present. So learning about this was pretty mind-blowing. How could people treat others this way? Are people really that afraid that they won’t contact the authorities? I do not know much about our legal system, but I cannot imagine that if migrant workers went to the police to tell them that their employer was beating them, starving them, forcing them to live in a room with ten others, and so on that the police would ignore all of their claims and only focus on the fact that they are illegal immigrants. I’m sure that eventually that would be dealt with, but the other claims are far more severe.
I have never been able to pick a side on the topic of immigration and learning all of this new information has just secured my seat on the fence even more. I usually sympathize with Americans and feel bad that their jobs are being taken away by people that aren’t legally living in our country. Although, most Americans do not even want these jobs, so why not give them to people that do? The agricultural labor is important for our country so we really do not gain anything by saying “I do not want illegal immigrants working in our country, but we as Americans are not going to pick up the jobs that the immigrants are leaving behind.”
The most recent reading for class made me aware of the killing and terrible jobs that are in a slaughterhouse. One particular story mentioned National Beef which paid a fine of 480 dollars each for the death of three men. It is nice to know that the cost of ahuman life is so low. My step father works at National Beef so I may question him about his working conditions.


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