Post 3 – Part 2 State sugar stores?

I read an article suggesting that sugar should be treated like tobacco and alcohol: taxed, age limits, bans from school, distribution control and other regulations. The reasoning for this being that sugar causes high blood pressure, liver damage, diabetes, obesity, and other problems. Which sounds like many problems caused by alcohol. The article also mentioned that most people in the U.S. eat about 500 calories in sugar alone per day.
I tried to take a minute to form an opinion, but I didn’t need one. I kind of like this suggestion. I don’t know the limitations or exact ways it would be done, but it could be helpful. I recalled being in middle school and high school and going to the school store to purchase junk food. Would this regulation remove candy bars and sugary snacks from schools? I would hope so. It would take away the temptation and access of a sugary snack for school children. How can you convince a young kid that using his or her lunch money on (hopefully) healthier meals served by the school is better than waiting and having candy bars and soda?
I wonder what an argument against this would sound like? There is so much evidence showing the problems that sugars causes and people’s lack of self-control.
With all of the health problems that sugar causes I believe that it should be regulated. Maybe we don’t need to have state regulated sugar stores or not sell sugar on Sundays, but something to help control our societies sugar addiction.


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