Post 4 – Part 1 Fourth week

Something that I found interesting about this weeks class was the information about The World Trading Organization. I was pleased to learn that countries are taking steps to let consumers know what they are eating and where it is from. The labeling, in my opinion, is a simple way around the complicated WTO regulations. Even if there wasn’t complicated regulations I think that the labels should be in place. It is much easier for the product to be labeled by a company or FDA than it is for every single person to track every item that they purchase. Most people don’t assume that their food is full of GMOs or know what tests their food has been through. People are consuming unhealthy chemicals and little buggies because they trust companies to not sell products that could harm them. Is that really a terrible thing to expect from a producers?
I would really like to know what these companies feed their families. “Here honey, have some pesticides with your brutally slaughtered corn fed cow.” I don’t have a hard time believing that these people sleep soundly while customers consume the toxin waste that they put, but those consumers include their families. Unless they truly believe that all of the genetic modifications, pesticides, pathegens, and aren’t a big deal.
I was really excited to post a picture of the healthy snack that I ate earlier, but I ended up having Taco Bell for dinner so I’m not as proud anymore. Oh well. Can’t win them all.


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