Post 4 – Part 2 Finally! A reason not to drink soda..

According to Pepsi is planning on cutting 8,700 employees. This may not sound shocking because of the constant talk of so many Americans being unemployed. However, Pepsi is not firing these employees due to a lack of sales. The company has been meeting their revenue goals. They actually had increases. So, what’s going on? The article explains that Pepsi has decided to do this thanks to the Wall Steer bullies. Pepsi has been working on healthier projects. Even though Pepsi made five billion more dollars and increased four cents in their stock share, Wall Street doesn’t think that they are keeping up.
I’m not any kind of economics expert (even though I did get a B+ in that course) , but that sounds great. I’m sure Pepsi would have loved to make more money, but at least they didn’t make less.
So I guess I was wrong when I said that the company isn’t doing this because of a lack of sales. What happens if next year they don’t improve enough to impress Wall Street and decide to cut more jobs? Imagine how much money the company won’t be making if the CEO is also a factory worker, truck driver, and marketing agent.
I’m sure that this isn’t the last time this topic will hit the news. I can see it now: angry ex-employees, angry consumers, protests, current employees worrying about losing their jobs, don’t buy Pepsi campaigns. Good news for Coca-Cola. They won’t even need to spend money on advertising.
Maybe Wall Street is just trying to get people to occupy someone else. I’m not kidding.


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