Post 5 – Part 1 You guessed it, fifth week of classes

This weeks class did not have much of an impact on my diet on my way of thinking about my meal choices. I did enjoy learning more about the organic industry and hope to learn more. I recognize how much I rely on labels. If a label says organic, I assume it to be organic. Is it too much to ask for to be able to read a label and not have to question it’s reliability?
While I am not an expert on organic food labeling, just the basic knowledge of the process has lead me to think about other claims that can be found on food. The expatriation date on foods is taken pretty seriously. If it’s past the date you normally throw it away. Grocery stores normally throw away expired product and will take food back if they sold it past the expiration date. If someone who had to monitor their sugar intake thought that they were drinking diet soda, but it turned out to be regular that would cause them serious health problems. So why do companies exaggerate the use of “organic”? Mostly so that more people will buy their product. Organic products are always the more expensive option. I do not believe that companies are questioned on their products enough. The standards on what is considered organic seem hazy and unregulated.
What would it take for companies to work harder at being organic? I think that if companies had to prove their organic label worthiness they would work harder at producing truly organic foods.


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