Post 6 – Part 1 The fall of the Utopian food system…

Week six of class did not really effect my diet. It has actually reduced my concern about food production. I would love to see a perfect food system, but this weeks classes has lead me to realize that there will never be a perfectly local, organic, cheap, humane, etc, food system. This beautiful Utopia food system is too complicated, expensive, and would have a lot of ripple effects. Being a Locavore and only buying from local farms sounds like a great idea. This would help consumers to know exactly where their food came from and how it was raised or grown. Sadly, farmers would not be able to keep up with the needs of consumers. All of the characteristics of our Utopia would cause production to be slow, expensive, and limited during certain seasons. If everyone would buy locally it would take away from areas that rely on the revenue from their food productions. While everyone else in that area would still be buying from the companies it would not be enough to replace what they would be losing.
This not does not mean that I think we should be careless. Some changes could be made. Maybe you cannot purchase everything in season and locally, but purchase what is available locally before turning to your local super market. We can’t eat animals and not harm them, but we could feed them their proper diet and give them humane living conditions.
Changes cannot be made on large scales or overnight, but I believe that we should still try. We spend most of our lives thinking about, preparing, shopping for, and eating food so we should care about what exactly it is that we are consuming and it’s journey to our plate.


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