Post 6 – Part 2 As much as I try to remain ignorant of this topic….

Portion sizes. It’s not a secret that in our country they are ridiculous. A large drink at Burger King is forty ounces.  Forty ounces and four hundred calories is a healthy amount of Dr. Pepper to drink with your seven hundred calorie Whopper and five hundred calorie large fry, right? An important and obvious thing that is pointed out by Marion Nestle on  is that with larger portion sizes comes more calories. Calories that are not always needed.

Fast food restaurants offer you various sizes of fat and grease, I mean food, but what about other restaurants? If you go to Olive Garden or Applebees during dinner you are only offered one size. You can choose to only eat half of it, but you will pay for all of it. Normally the price alone is an excuse to eat twice as much as you’d like. I know that I leave feeling better (maybe a bit stuffed) if I know that I got my ten or fifteen dollars out of the meal that I just had.

Do we really even notice all of this extra food? The big portions cause people to form an incorrect opinion about how much they should be eating. People often complain if they go to restaurants that do not “give them enough food.” So maybe smaller or normal portion sizes aren’t the best thing to have if you want to make everyone happy. It just depends on which audience you want to please. I presume that most of our society falls under the “I DIDN’T GET ENOUGH FOOD” category so the larger portions will continue.


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