Post 7 – Part 1

The reading for Friday this week was very interesting to me. I was aware that statistics show that lower income families are more likely to be eating cheap, unhealthy food from fast food restaurants than fresh, health foods from grocery stores or health food stores. I never really understood why though. Produce is very cheap and much tastier than greasy french fries, so why not save your money, enjoy delicious food, and nutrition?
I live in a town with two grocery stores, five convenient stores, and a number of fast food restaurants. Every weekend there is a small market with produce and a butcher located in the downtown. The population is 9,810 people as of 2009. The average household income is  29,506 dollars. Compared to areas with low income in Washington DC where there is one grocery store for every 70,000 people and higher income areas having 1 store per 11,881 people, my small town of Sunbury, Pennsylvania has a lot of stores for a lower income area. This may be why learning that some areas do not have grocery stores was such a shock to me.
The reading offered some ideas about why this happens to areas and what is being done to correct it, but why is Sunbury different? I see a lot of people eating unhealthy Burger King food multiple times a day. Their easy access to grocery stores and food markets doesn’t seem to increase their reliance on them.  Maybe it’s just the convenience and the price because it’s certainly not the taste and nutrition.


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