Post 7 – Part 2 – I was really starting to miss Mark Bittman

So I discovered an article that Bittman shared that caught my attention instantly. thanks to this class I will never be able to look at corn the same way again. One of my favorite summer time sides is being taken off the cob and used in.. well.. everything.
A company in the U.S., Monsanto, produces genetically modified seeds for corn. A recent study, not explained in the article, suggests that these GM seeds pose significant risks for the environment. Because of this finding France is unhappy. They have asked that the European Commission ban the use of these.  If the commission does not follow France’s requests they are prepared to restrict the sales of them independently.
Reading this sparked me to wonder why other places haven’t banned them as well. Our country acts in a way that suggests that people won’t willingly eat the corn. It’s hidden in foods and added to animal feed. The genetically modified crops require a lot of pesticide. So why push it? Well, not everyone is. My google search offered up plenty of disproving sites, including one straight-to-the-point called
Promoters suggest that this is the solution to feeding hungry people. Crops do not just pop up over night, ready to feed the world. We need fast, high yielding crops so that everyone can eat.
It’s hard to not feel like I have been living under a rock. Where have all of these changes come from? I drive past corn fields all the time. I would have never thought that what I was looking at was a part of such controversy.


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