Post 8 – Part 1 Finally. A diet I can follow.

This week was probably the most entertaining week yet for me. I enjoy the disgust that I feel when I see people eating enough food for six people. Watching the video clips of crazy eaters this week caused me to completely loose my appetite. Eating three slices of pizza makes me feel like a pig, so I have no idea what emotions I would be feeling if I ate three whole pizzas. I admit, moving directly next to an ice cream shop hasn’t exactly helped me shed any pounds, but compared to this weeks video clips of The Heart Attack Grill, I’m a champion dieter.

With all of the smart comments out of my system, for now, I do wonder what’s behind the craziness. It’s like the spokespeople for the restaurant were in a slaughtering line. They got to see the person behaving in the same way die right in front of them. Instead of taking the opportunity to run, fast walk, whatever their ability it… to get out of there, they just stayed. Celebrated their fame.

It’s easy to believe that something will never happen to you. The thing is, I’m sure these people own mirrors, scales, and go to a physician. All three of those options are very honest with you about your weight. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might sugarcoat those ten or fifteen pounds for you, but they won’t. Sure, I guess “everybody dies from something”, but I’ll pass on this one.


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