Post 8 – Part 2 Ok, maybe for some people.. but mine is natural.

An article provided by Mark Bittman has suggested that eating more fruits and vegetables makes you more attractive. Coming to our aid in defense against pollution and UV rays are carotenoids. Carotenoids are red-yellow pigments found in fruits and veggies. The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the more red and yellow pigments in your skin.  As participants consumed more servings (2.9 more) they were voted to look healthier. The study does not explain what the person was eating to start with to now be consuming 2.9 more portions. Adding an extra 3.3 portions resulted in the person being rated more attractive. They have not explored if this is something that is true for all races or just white and Asian.
If this is not a motivator to eat more fruits and vegetables, I’m not sure what is. This study doesn’t touch on weight loss, but I imagine that a person would consume less of other varieties of foods in exchange for these filling portions.
Although it sounds wonderful, I just don’t believe it’s that easy. The study also does not mention what happens if you would add an extra 15 portions to your daily item. When it mentions that carotenoids guard from UV rays and pollution it does not mention that it reverses any damage. The participants were ages 18-25, so the damage could not have been severe.
Fruits and vegetables are a healthier options than sugary or fatty snacks. Although, I believe the claim that this study makes puts them on the same level as “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”. It’s just not that simple..


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