Post 9 – Part 1

This week has really highlighted all of the conscious and unconscious tools that people use to decide what is better to eat. After everyone shared their parents’ responses to what healthy food is, it was obvious that there is no one definition. I enjoyed this week so much because it relates to the project I am doing for class.

It’s interesting the “rule of thumbs” that everyone has. From diet labels only to color preferences. It’s kind of humorous actually, to hear people talk about what “healthy” is or what is the best diet trick. “My doctor said….” or “I read some where once….” is normally the start of the replies. This may sound a bit negative, but I think our country’s constant waist line increase shows that we aren’t the experts that we think we are. Or is it that we know and we just don’t care or lack the will power to avoid the junk? Probably a bit of both.

I know it’s a bit out dated, but we’ve all seen this in our life time. I swear I had a point when I googled this picture, but now I  can’t seem to ignore the muffin on the bottom and milkshake in the milk group… I don’t think we should use pastries and milkshakes as a way of nutrition. Thank goodness they don’t have french fries as a vegetable!!


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