Post 10 – Part 1

Reading Starving For Science by Robert Paarlberg has kind of made me feel stupid for being against GMOs. Learning about GMOs throughout this course has caused me to offer them no sympathy, until now.

GMOs sound scary and unnatural.  My conscience tells me that change like this is bad. Why would we genetically change a plant to grow some where that it wasn’t meant to? That has to be terrible for our bodies, right? Not so much. I agree that consuming a plant that is genetically modified to kill an insect or weed isn’t healthy. Filling our bodies with poison isn’t something to ignore. That trait is one that I wouldn’t support. Changing plants to kill things isn’t the only way to modify a plant though. I’m not an expert, but how can a plant having a gene that allows it to survive in a drought harm me? Just because a pepper needs half the amount of water than it normally would doesn’t mean it is going to poison my body and ruin the environment.

While some of it can be damaging and exploited by companies that doesn’t mean that it should be ruled out completely. Not an countries experience a food surplus like the US. If a country can’t produce all of the food that it needs or afford to import them that doesn’t mean that they should starve. GMOs would allow poorer countries to produce more food for themselves and exports.

I haven’t made my decision yet, but I have an open mind.


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