Post 11 – Part 1

Last full week of classes!!


Since this week I enjoyed hearing about everyones progress on their projects. It seems like a lot of people have similar ideas. I am very happy that my presentation is over with and I can just sit back and listen to everyone elses.

Since there isn’t much for me to talk about I think I will share a lot of short opinions.

My topic is interesting to me because I love hearing people talk about what foods they are eating or not eating because they are trying to eat healthy or lose weight. There is so much input coming from TV, magazines, people, food labels and so much more that it is hard to tell what you’re really eating or should be eating to meet your goals.

The big debate on the cafe doesn’t really interest me. At first it was just because I don’t live on campus, but then because no one else in the class really wants to put effort into it so it’s annoying to hear about constantly. Personally, I don’t think the food is that bad. I lived on campus last year and ate it. Susquehanna provides a lot more options than other schools that I went to on my college search.

I really enjoyed Ashala’s project because I hear children nagging their parents all the time and I was once one of those nagging children.


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