Post 11 – Part 2

On my search for blog topic posts I found something interesting on food politics. Marion Nestle shared some information on the White House and childhood obesity. She explains some ways that food and beverage companies have been controling the policies being made.

One of the topics was that pizza has been declared a vegetable to be kept on school lunch menus. Hmmm.. Well, I wouldn’t be too upset with that if the pizza was a healthy pizza. I’m sure most of it is frozen, covered in yucky sauce, and cheese. Ok so there is tomatoes in the sauce…. how about putting a couple more on top of the pizza? Probably not..

The effort of 24 states to have a soda tax have all been forgotten. I’m not sure how I feel about the tax, but I’m pointing it out just to show how the food industry seems to be calling all of the shots.

Congress also stopped a plan by four federal agencies to reduce sugar, salt and fat in food marketed to children. Michelle Obama may be all about trying to help children fight obesity and learn about being healthy, but I guess Congress doesn’t care.

Reading things like this is frustrating. Why can’t companies make money by selling healthy things? Not all healthy things are disgusting. I don’t find every sugary treat gross, so why don’t we just try it. If the food industry would fight half as hard for healthy food as they do against it, we would be in far better shape. Literally.


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